Online Courses

The Goddess Initiation Warrior Course is a 2.5 months transformational live course with the 10 Mahavidyas, the Wisdom Goddesses from the Tantrik Tradition. Known as the 10 Faces of the Divine Feminine, they represent different versions of the Dark Goddess Kali, who helps to integrate shadow and light.

Based on contemporary and ancient tantrik principles, archetypal Souljourneys, mindset, dance & embodiment, this course is deeply transformative and a path to self-realization. It´s designed for awakened women to open up the otherwise dormant 10 chambers of the subconscious mind, live their full feminine potential and find clarity, balance and grounded spirituality in everyday life.

The Chakra Healing Course is a 7-week Life Transforming Programme.  If you have the deep desire to live life fully, let go of a mindset that’s hindering your growth, understand the connection between manifesting your desires and cultivating your energy consciously, this is for you! Each energy center influences your mood, emotions and behaviour in specific areas of your life and therefore the situations that present themselves to you. When you learn to see life through the lense of the chakras, you can easily identify why things happen, where the root cause of challenges sits and how to release them. When you learn how to balance, charge and release energy from each chakra and consciously create your life through yoga, meditation and subtle energy work, life takes on a whole new course!

The course jam-packed with in depth information on each chakra, yoga poses, meditation, mantras, essential oils, crystals and energy healing tipps.