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What is this Course all about?

Be unapologetically YOU

Express every mood through your body

Allow yourself to transform to set your energy free

Strengthen your intuition and psychic gifts

Awaken to your authentic feminine power

Integrate shadow and light

Invite divine wisdom

Dance more

Love more

Trust more

Experience more


Goddess Initiation is a 5 months Online Programm with the 10 great Goddesses from India. Archetypal Soulwork meets Hindu Mythology through movement, meditation and personal development lead by Anne Haack, intuitive and psychic healer, yoga & meditation teacher, bodyworker, movement facilitator and DJ.

Based on contemporary and ancient Tantrik principles, rituals, yogic lifestyle, channelings and freeform movement, which have been studied, taught and proven effective over more then ten years by working with hundreds of people in India, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Germany, Spain, Indonesia and Morocco. This course is a deeply transformative, eye opening, moving and creative programme designed for awakened women to connect with their Soul Goal and follow through on their Divine Assignments.

The Beta version of this course is currently running until the end of August. The next course will start by fall. FIND OUT MORE HERE.


What`s included in the Course?

✔︎ 10 Goddess Embodiment Practices • Videos
✔︎ 10 Guided Goddess Souljourneys • Audios
✔︎ 10 Written Self-Inquiries • PDF´s
✔︎ 10 Deepening Practices & Rituals
✔︎ 10 Playlists, one for each Goddess
✔︎ Private Facebook Group for Sharing & Support
✔︎ Coachings with Anne Haack, Energy Coach & Intuitive        Healer
✔︎ Lifetime Access to all Content
✔︎ Continuing Education credits with YA
✔︎ optional upgrade to a Coaching Package at bonus price

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The Goddess Initiation is a 5 months immersion into the power within. 
An assessment of your Divine Assignments. 
And a mirror of the infinite capacity of your true potential as a women.

Dive deep in these 5 months to meet each Goddess in body, mind and Soul, practice embodiment techniques, free form movement & dance, yogic breathing and guided meditations to unlock the hidden strength of each Goddess, each chakra and hidden parts of your Soul – powered by a weekly playlist! These ancient tools are complemented by mindset work through written assignments to uncover beliefs that might be holding you back in your full expression in life, relationships, work, self-love and truth. You’ll receive hands-on tools to shift your energy on a physical, mental, emotional and energetic level, based on proven techniques from live workshops, including bi-weekly coachings with Anne Haack, Energy Coach & Psychic Healer. It’s deep but also fun!


“Hi Anne, thanks so much for a great workshop. Also, I’m truly grateful for the private sessions I had with you. It has all given me a lot of insights and things to work on going forward. All the best for your retreat in Morocco and perhaps see you again in Rishikesh if I decide to return :)” ~ Anna

“The space you gave lightened all. Thanks! Today was incredible, it´s the first day of the rest of my life. Much grateful for your gifts. And thankful life can be so sweet. You find the needle in the hay stack, really. My heartfelt gratitude! It´s like you opened my head and put golden light into it! You took me out of my personal hypnosis… In these few sessions a lot has been seen, takes a minute to integrate. What you do in these session would other people take years. Thank you!” ~ Cintia


What you´ll experience in this Course

Module 1 – Kali – The Fierce Mother
This Goddess works with your root chakra, activating your inner fire, protecting you like a fierce mother from what no longer serves you and asking you to have a very honest, deep look into your true aims in life.

Module 2 – Bhairavi – The Fierce Warrior
This Goddess is a fighter, for yourself and for your spiritual path, helping you to overcome your ego and any obstacles of the mind that might be blocking your heart and intuition, obscuring your true strength.

Module 3 – Tripura Sundari – The Beautiful & Joyful One
Tripura asks you to have a close look at your life and find out what is truly important to you, finding a lazer sharp focus. Furthermore, she is the Goddess of play and joy, reminding you to dance and be beauty, a celebration of life!

Module 4 – Chinnamasta – The Sensual & Self-Sacrificing One
This Goddess is here to help you activate and master your sexual energy for greater purposes. She is the giver of psychic mastery and reminder of self-sacrifice for the greater good of all.

Module 5 – Kamala – The Abundant One
The Goddess of Abundance and beauty reminds you of where you have to dig deeper to fully uncover and allow abundance to flow in each area of your life. There is some hidden lessons here to be learned.

Module 6 – Bagalamukhi – The Psychic One
The Goddess of psychic powers, who can stop time and enemies on their track, helps you to overcome your inner demons that are keeping you trapped, to own your psychic and energetic power.

Module 7 – Matangi – The Wild & Wise Woman
This Goddess challenges you to boldly not care what anyone says, does or thinks about you, so that your creative and musical spirit flows freely. She is the wild one, helping you to channel your divine wisdom into the world!

Module 8 – Tara – The Enlightened & Healing One
Tara is the softest mother, a healing lightbody Goddess that reminds you of your inner divine flame of pure light and spiritual connection. She is dissolving the past and the future, to arrive fully in the now.

Module 9 – Dhumavati – The Old Widow & Mirror
This Goddess possesses a great strength of showing you the depth of your subconscious mind, the hidden treasures and all that has been lost, forgotten and denied. She allows you to fully integrate every aspect and desire of your Soul to become whole.

Module 10 – Bhuvaneshvari – The Cosmic Queen & Mother of all Creation
The graceful mother of all creation is a queen in her own right, ruling over everything and everyone in the whole Universe. As the creator, sustainer and destroyer, she reminds you that the power lies in your own hands!


Who is this course for?

You are a yoga & meditation practitioner and want to go deeper
You´ve done yoga, meditation and some women´s circles, but feel called to move your body more holistically, intuitively and in accordance with your own natural flow. Plus you are interested in the secret teachings of India. Welcome, you are at the right place.

You are a yoga & meditation teacher and want to enhance your skills with Hindu Goddess wisdom
You have gotten your certificates and want to learn new tools to refresh your classes, take a playful approach to movement and intuitive flow, plus learn about ancient yogic practices anchored in the Divine Feminine, Tantra and Self-Inquiry.

You have a deep interest in the ancient wisdom of India
You are interested in the wisdom, ancient traditions and Tantrik practices of Mother India and the Himalayas, so that you can tap into your full potential and connect to a tradition that is still alive, helping you to uncover you to unlock the power of the subconscious mind.

You love to dance, move, meditate and feel your Feminine Energy
You love to feel your body, express yourself freely and allow energy to flow where it most needs to go in every moment. You are well connected to your emotions, listen to your intuition and love to discover your feminine nature and all the ways the Divine expresses herself through you.

You are called by the Divine Feminine
You have heard the name come back to you again and again. You are feeling called to attend women´s circles, read about feminine archetypes and had some direct experiences with the Divine Feminine, energy cursing through your body, dramatic life changes that lead you to question everything or visions that you´d like to understand, integrate and explore more deeply. Welcome home!

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Meet Your Facilitator

Hi, I´m Anne Haack, originally from Berlin but mostly based in India and Asia now. I facilitate movement, conscious dance workshops and retreats, women´s circles, Soul healing sessions and intuitive coaching for awakened women to connect them with their Soul Goal and bring clarity to Divine Assignments.

I started out as a yoga practitioner more than 17 years ago, diving into Kundalini, Hatha, Vinyasa, Ashtanga, Jivamukti and Forrest Yoga, then became a yoga and meditation teacher and DJ, but was soon lead into the healing field with Reiki, Chakra Healing, Bodywork and Shamanism. Through extended periods of Soul searching in the Himalayas and the Sahara desert I experienced two Awakenings, which guided me to the Divine Feminine, women´s work and last but not least the ten faces of the Divine Goddess! First I started incorporating them through movement and Souljourneys in my Cacao Ceremonies, but soon after I was guided to actual places in nature in India and Bali, which I had channeled before for each Goddess Souljourney, not knowing about these physical locations, so the idea for the videos practices came about.

The Divine Feminine is calling us to tap fully into our intuition, surrender to trust and allow our dreams to become true. It´s about being present, finding balance, harmony and peace and leaving rigid structures behind to explore ourselves from all angles – physically, emotionally, mentally and energetically. The ten Goddesses are a great way to do that, incredibly surprising us with new discoveries about ourselves!