Goddess Initiation is a community for awakened women to live their life purpose and follow through on Divine Assignments. It´s a place to find healing, love and connection for the collective raising of vibration on this planet.

Founded by Anna Sofia, life purpose coach, intuitive channel for the Divine Feminine, clairvoyant healer, movement facilitator, DJ and ceremonial space holder. Her path lead her into the depth of the Sahara Desert in Morocco, into the Himalayas and an ancient cave of seven immortal sages, where she spent two years meditating and learning from a sage as his only disciple, but also to many teachers in East and West immersing herself into yoga, meditation, tantra, shamanism, kinesiology, bodywork, energy healing, martial arts and the mind-body-consciousness connection.

Anna is an avid traveller and explorer of the inner and outer worlds, with the aim to support others on their path to Union.