The Wounded Feminine & Wounded Masculine

The Divine Feminine and Sacred Masculine are two concepts that belong together. They are like the yin and yang not only in a relationship, but also within ourselves. They work together by their attraction and activation of polar energies, which together form a union of one new energy in and of itself. It is here that expansion of consciousness, healing and energy upgrades happen.

By healing the wounded feminine and wounded masculine within, we not only shift our experiences in relationships but also with every interaction we have in the world.

Whereas the feminine is the free flowing, receiving and creative energy, the masculine is the outgoing and action based energy, giving a container for the free form feminine.

Despite noticing and activating these energies within us in relationships, we also have this play between feminine and masculine within ourselves.

The first meeting of feminine and masculine energies is at each energy crossing point in the body, in the 7 main chakras. At each chakra an energy vortex is created by meeting of the two energy streams Ida and Pingala, which go up along and through the spine like two intertwining snakes. Each meeting of the snakes creates an energetic whirlpool which creates the chakra (Sanskrit for ‚wheel‘). Ida is the feminine Moon energy within us, the receptive and flowing energy. Pingala is the masculine Sun energy within, the active and outgoing energy.

The second meeting of the Divine Feminine and Sacred Masculine within us is through the meeting of polar energies between our chakras. Each of the chakras is either pre-dominantly feminine or predominantly masculine, alternating each other, so that one chakra always has an energetic pull on the following chakra.

The third meeting is the meeting of two polar energies of our chakras when being with a partner. Each chakra in a men that is predominantly yang, is predominantly yin in a women, which creates the attraction!

If one of the chakras inherits a wounded feminine or wounded masculine energy, it will display through the partner. Each partner is a mirror to our light as well as our shadows, and by the attraction of polar energies in the chakras, deeper levels of our subconscious mind get activated and pull up unhealed issue to the surface.

What is the Wounded Feminine vs. the Empowered Feminine Energy?

The wounded feminine is looking for someone to safe her. It´s the inner child looking for help, the needy part of self that easily gets attached for lack of motivation to take charge of her situation. It also stems from a lack of acknowledging uncomfortable emotions that she tries to cover up by reaching outwards.

The empowered feminine however is the one that is allowing herself to be seen, to share her true emotions, and to receive that which she needs, while stepping away from that which does not align with it. She makes self-care and self-love a priority and takes care of needs and wants.

The unhealed feminine energy shows up as a feeling of not being good enough and not feeling loved. It also turns into a form of waiting: Waiting for the perfect partner to show up, waiting for the existing partner to make a move or to better himself, when he actually doesn´t match her true needs, or waiting for him to commit, which often leads to frustration, worry and self-doubt.

The empowered feminine is based on trust. She is trusting that things will work out in her favor, focusses on herself and fills up her own cup independently from the partner.

What is the Wounded Masculine vs. the Empowered Masculine Energy?

A wounded masculine energy displays through manipulation, being aggressive (including passive aggressive), bullying, narcissistic behavior and pushing to get their own way, without respecting the other person’s needs nor boundaries.

Empowered masculine energy, however, is the mind in action through planning, foresight, inspired action, following through and taking charge of situations as they show up, including taking responsibility if mistakes have been made.

If anger, blame and trying to force an outcome are your modus opperandi, trying to push things forward or manipulate the partner to do specific things for you (and only accept him/her if that is to be done) you are still in your wounded masculine energy.

Stepping into the empowered masculine energy then means coming back to yourself and your own life, as well as owning your own short comings vs focussing only on the short comings of the other.

How to Heal the Wounded Masculine and Wounded Feminine

Just to clarify this here, the term wounded masculine and wounded feminine do not only refer to either men or women, but both wounded energies can be present within us. Just as we have yin/yang opposite chakras within us and two polar energy streams that create the chakras and govern our diverse moods and behaviors, so we also have the wounded feminine and wounded masculine energies within.

Depending on what needs to be healed, it can be either one or the other of the two wounded energies that shows up when triggered through a partner.

To heal any of the issues that might show up, is first to acknowledge that there is a wounded part wanted to be recognized. Loving awareness of the different parts of slef leads to integration and union within. And from union within comes union without.

The more clear you get on what it is that is triggering you, what type of wounded you carry and what emotions are related to it, the easier it is to embrace and therefore transformation takes place.

Once it is integrated and transformed, you will notice the shifts by the people you now attract and by the different response you will give from a place of empowerment and a deeper knowing of yourself, your needs, your boundaries and your ideal qualities in a partner.

~  Anne Haack


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I`m here

I am here to guide you

I am here to be the leader of the New Earth

I am here to be LOVE

I am here to be a Divine Channel

I am here to tear down the shackles of the mind

I am here to remind you of your Truth

I am here to balance the Divine Feminine and Sacred Masculine

I am here to Be

I am here

I am

~ Anne Haack

Kundalini – The Goddess of LOVE

Kundalini is a Goddess. A Goddess who has the almighty power to change anything and everything to her liking. At any given moment in time. She is the expansion of conscious beyond your wildest dreams. She is the Universe in motion. She is the energy in every cell of your body. She is the macrocosm and the microcosm. And since she is everything, you will never be able to understand her. Let that sink in for a moment. She gives you glimpses of her almighty power, a sneak peak into the play of existence. A moment of reconnection. But she will never give you everything, as she constantly sneaks away of the ego’s need to understand and to categorize. Yet she is everything. And you are everything too.

Kundalini is a snake that sheds skin. Regularily. Which means she emerges anew again and again. If she is activated in you, she will make you shed skin again and again too. The transformations are coming faster and faster over time. At the beginning it might be slow and steady, one process going on for a couple of months or even years. But the longer you are on the path and the deeper you get to realize yourself, the faster the challenges become. Like lightning speed. Because she is a lightning bolt. An electric current cursing through your body to radically burn away what no longer serves you. That which is not aligned with your highest good and the highest good of humanity. This path is not for the faint of heart. It´s for the highest quality of light warriors on the planet. It´s for the ones that are comfortable questioning their whole existence again and again. It´s for the ones that are ready to give up everything simply to serve humanity and the planet. It´s for the ones that are not going for quick-fix solutions, spiritual trippy delusions or stories to tell their friends. It´s for the ones that are brave enough to die. And reemerge as Phoenix out of the ashes not even knowing what this new emerging will bring. A full surrender into nothingness.

This is the only way to constantly throw the ego in the pit. If you follow her lead, which requires tremendous amounts of self-knowledge, feeling in the heart and trust in the irrational, subtle, intuitive hints she is giving.You will have moments of riding a wave of extraordinary miracles. But you will also have moments of extraordinary despair and lack of faith in the path. The ego will buckle up a lot of times. If you resist and try to remain exactly the same person as you´ve miserably ever been, this illusionary construct of age-old conditioning created by the ego, she’ll beat you up like a motherfucker.

Your whole being is being thrown into the washing machine every single week. Sometimes every single day. Sometimes every single second. Laundry is a necessary part of the daily house cleaning. Nothing on the spiritual path can ever remain the same, as that would mean stagnation. As consciousness expands, so do actions change, behaviors change, habits change, challenges change and spiritual tools change to further the process. The ego is fast in learning. It learns each spiritual practice by heart so that it can trick you into escapism. Mind yourself, that the only constant thing is change. Trust the process that she is prompting in you. And find the right teacher(s) that can point you in the right direction when you loose track of the promptings.

However, what she is truly here for is to bring everything back to LOVE. She is the master key to LOVE on the planet. She is the master key to harmony in relationships. She is the master key to understanding your heart’s deepest desires. She is the master key to tiring the mind out so much, to release old emotions so much, to twist and turn your path so much, that in the end there is nothing left to do then to surrender. To Be. To give up everything. To throw your whole being in the fire of purification. So that he only thing that’s left is LOVE.


To be LOVE


Love in numerology equates to the number 18/9.

LOVE (L 3+O 6+V 4+E 5=18=9)

And 9 stands for transformation. The strongest energy of transformation on the planet is LOVE. Because in LOVE, you are not. The other is. LOVE is. In LOVE there is no rules. LOVE is. In LOVE the past and the future disappear. LOVE is. And you are not. Your personal desires are not. Your pain is not. Your body is not. Your ind is not. LOVE is.

~ Anne Haack

Big Shifts and How to Deal with them

If you are going through big shifts at accelerated pace right now, know that the transformation has started. The awakening, the shifts in consciousness are underway, the initiation has taken place, knowingly or unknowingly of your part. Now there is no way back. And while it all seems confusing at times, giving rise to a lot of questions of the mind, like why is this happening, why can I not continue like this, why is this falling away, rest assured that the energy always guides you into the direction of your highest growth and expansion of consciousness to come back to LOVE, the space where no words and explanations are needed and you can simply rest in the presence of your own being. 

Pray every day to be guided in the right direction and you will.


Anne Haack

New Moon in Virgo Setting Your Intentions

New Moon in Virgo, a time for rest and setting new intentions. This week-end a portal opened that not only made things confusion but also opened doors into a parallel universe in which everything you truly wish for already exists. It’s highly important now to increase your sadhana, ground yourself as the energies are coming in big waves, do a clear intention setting ritual, mindset work and a deep and honest look at what actions you have to take NOW if you’d like things to change. Want to change your job? Be open for new opportunities and behave as if you already got this. Looking for a relationship? Ask yourself which beliefs have sabotaged you until now. Want to learn about your purpose in life? Get a reading. But go out and take action, only wishful thinking is not gonna last. We are here to become our own gurus, so accept that you do know all the answers! 

~ Anne Haack