Message from Goddess Isis

Dear Goddessess, you are walking on the golden path of enlightenment now. The priestess line has been established and your sensual energy is activating your inner power. Pay attention to what increases your life force, your sense of being feminine, your joy and also your cheekiness.

You are being asked to step forward and draw men more into their masculine power to be strong space holders for you. Surround yourself with strong men, who have a spiritual connection, as they are increasing your feminine power and help to receive more of the wisdom that´s to be unlocked in your body chambers.

You are on a path now, where both masculine and feminine energies are no longer to be united inside, as you have done that already, but where you are stepping in your sovereign Self, by being together with sovereign masculine beings to co-create and co-spiritualize, which you can not do on your own.

This is the way to journey deeper into your true Self and to connect more with all that you hold inside. You are both being mirrors for each other, a vital step on the path of evolution for both of you.

This is not about healing, but about unleashing energies inside of you and calling in even more, then you think possible.

At the same time, spend time with women to harness your feminine wisdom inside of the wise women motherhood circle.

And enjoy! Don´t take it too seriously, but daringly and lovingly step forward and embrace more of what´s possible for you right now!

The Emergency of the Divine Feminine

Channeling for the Collective.

The emergency of the Divine Feminine to come back to the planet is bigger then anticipated. The emergency of feminine leadership is bigger then anticipated. The emergency of feminine gentleness, softness and space holding is bigger then anticipated.

We are being called to drop into the deep silence within to understand where we are going. We are being called to connect with nature to understand the rhythm of the earth that moves through us. We are being called to connect to temples, sacred spaces and rituals to understand the sacred thread that connects the dots.

It´s the feminine motherly nurturing that needs to come back. It´s the feminine supportive empowerment that needs to come back. It´s the feminine flow of intuition that needs to come back.

How can you be part of this?

– Anna SOFIA

Kundalini-Awakening: The After-Effects

An awakening is one side of the coin, the happenings *after* the awakening are the often overlooked and much more important side of the coin, if not a totally new coin altogether.

Kundalini is not a show. And it´s not to be taken lightly. It´s not a drug-like, flashy, fancy experience to tell your friends about and feel like a better, different or more special human being. It´s not the new thing to do. It´s not about the physical sensations, the possible hallucinations, the eventually perceived state of euphoria or the event itself. It´s not about constantly pushing the energy up in the higher chakras so that an almost otherwordly mental state appears, which helps to escape daily life.

Kundalini is the possible expansion of consciousness, if it is understood as something highly more intelligent than our own mind and therefore needs space and time to unfold in its own way. The awakening is simply a seed that has been planted throus practice or by the grace of God, without previous knowledge or desire for an awakening. It´s an experience. Not more not less. A very strong one, but still – an experience. And as all the yoga scriptures highly underline: Don´t get attached to any experience on the way to enlightenment. There might be many, all different in their own way and different in effect on each person. Don´t get attached to new found skills, perceptions or higher levels of energy. Don´t give it to the mind.

After-Effects of an Awakening

What is often overlooked after the actual awakening is the importance of giving the energy space to unfold in it´s own way, so that it truly can rise. Kundalini energy is a very strong energy that has it´s own way of working through the chakras, one at a time, and then ascending towards the higher chakras and higher states of consciousness. This can then bring about amplified energy and a deeper understanding of the meaning of life and its everyday lessons. It´s a cleansing process that requires a lot of changes, a lot of letting go and a lot of patience.

Kundalini Awakening and the 7 Demons of the Chakras

Kundalini awakening is a very intimate and vulnerable experience.

Oftentimes, it can be confusing—shattering every aspect of our lives and disrupting stable grounds, plans, and constructs we’ve previously established. However, once she is out of the box, nothing can stay the same.

I was blessed—or sometimes, I like to say cursed—with two of these awakenings in the span of 10 years, which led me on a path of deep introspection, healing, and continuous chakra work. It’s an ongoing process that does not seem to end, since individual healing leads to collective healing; and from the personal, we progress to the family tree; and from there, the generations and the collective come next.

The Divine Feminine: Uncovering the Myth

The Divine Feminine is an aspect of ourselves that is calling for recognition, re-integration and resurrection. It´s the intuitive, creative and divine part of ourselves that in an patriarchally shaped society has been pushed aside, ignored and limited in her expression for centuries. It´s part of our nature, which we most feel when we are in nature, and less when we are in the cities, where the mind, logic and noise are paramount. But what exactly is the Divine Feminine?

When I speak about the Divine Feminine, I´m not only referring to a concept of being more feminine, soft, intuitive and nurturing, but also to the Divine guidance as part of the Divine Feminine. It´s about the art of allowing, receiving and being in flow. There is literally a Divine Spirit awakening all around the globe, reminding men and women alike to soften, to listen within, to follow the flow and to let go of the struggle. To be human after all, but especially to human to ourselves. Accepting, loving and compassionate. Letting things be as they are and letting ourselves be as we are.

Message from Mary Magdalene

Dear seekers of light,

it is time to step into your purpose. You came here to fullfill a specific role and you haven´t fully accepted this truth yet. You are dancing around the center as if it was a hot stone not to be touched, but only you know that this hot stone can only burn that which is false and does not belong to you anyhow.

You are a bright star on the firmament of existence and your light can touch many hearts far and wide, including your own, if you take on the responsibility to fullfill your purpose here on earth.

You are waiting, and waiting and waiting, to be shown the way, to be given the exact steps, to be guided. But it is time that you become your own guide. That you create your own path. That you fully embody the light.

You can only embody your full capacity and your full potential when you get over the fear of not knowing enough, not being good enough or not being adequate for this big role that is yours here on earth.

The Wounded Masculine and Wounded Feminine

The Divine Feminine and Sacred Masculine are two concepts that belong together. They are like the yin and yang not only in a relationship, but also within ourselves. They work together by their attraction and activation of polar energies, which together form a union of one new energy in and of itself. It is here that expansion of consciousness, healing and energy upgrades happen.

By healing the wounded feminine and wounded masculine within, we not only shift our experiences in relationships but also with every interaction we have in the world.Whereas the feminine is the free flowing, receiving and creative energy, the masculine is the outgoing and action based energy, giving a container for the free form feminine.

Despite noticing and activating these energies within us in relationships, we also have this play between feminine and masculine within ourselves.

Kundalini the Goddess of Love

Kundalini is a Goddess. A Goddess who has the almighty power to change anything and everything to her liking. At any given moment in time. She is the expansion of conscious beyond your wildest dreams. She is the Universe in motion. She is the energy in every cell of your body. She is the macrocosm and the microcosm. And since she is everything, you will never be able to understand her. Let that sink in for a moment. She gives you glimpses of her almighty power, a sneak peak into the play of existence. A moment of reconnection. But she will never give you everything, as she constantly sneaks away of the ego’s need to understand and to categorize. Yet she is everything. And you are everything too.

Big Shifts and how to deal with them

Channeling for the collective.

If you are going through big shifts at accelerated pace right now, know that the transformation has started. The awakening, the shifts in consciousness are underway, the initiation has taken place, knowingly or unknowingly of your part. Now there is no way back. And while it all seems confusing at times, giving rise to a lot of questions of the mind, like why is this happening, why can I not continue like this, why is this falling away, rest assured that the energy always guides you into the direction of your highest growth and expansion of consciousness to come back to LOVE, the space where no words and explanations are needed and you can simply rest in the presence of your own being.

Pray every day to be guided in the right direction and you will.