Cultivating Kundalini

Cultivating Kundalini08. September 2019 – Berlin

….means cultivating your life force energy. It´s a powerful way to strengthen your immune system, increase your passion, elevate your mood, as well as access expanded levels of consciousness and bliss states.

Apart from the physical, energetic and emotional effects Kundalini produces, she is the major key to unlocking your life purpose and giving you the drive to pursue it. It´s like a loving mother that gives you nurturing and support, while giving you a loving smack on the butt, when you are slacking in your mission.

Once activated, she continuously starts altering your DNA and upgrading the strands one set at a time, if your spiritual practices, life style and consciousness allow for the transformation to elevation.

She is often referred to as the Mother Goddess, Shakti, Divine Feminine or Life Force Energy, the seed of all Tantrik and Chakra practices and the necessary vehicle on the path of Self-Realization.

Kundalini can be soft and gentle, sweet and tender, but also powerful and destructive, to release what no longer serves you on your path of personal evolution and growth.

In this highly experiental workshop you´ll practice sacred methods of awakening, learn how to cultivate and guide Kundalini on a daily basis and allow yourself to surrender to your unique gifts and the path of your Soul.

The practices are alchemically distilled from over 7 years of giving workshops, retreats and trainings in Asia, Africa and Europe, as well as continuous self-study on the effects of Kundalini with two major awakenings, one in an ancient cave of the Saptarishis in India, studying the chakras, energy healing techniques, meditation and Himalayan Tantrik practices for over 10 years.

What this workshop includes:
• Tantrik Philosophy & Subtle Anatomy
• Breathwork and Prana Vidya Initiation & Transmission
• Conscious Tools to unlock your Subtle Energy Flow in the Spine
• Kundalini Awakening Meditation
• Microcosmic Orbit
• DNA Activation

WHEN: 08. September 2019
TIME: 12 – 16h
Studio SoniC, Reichenberger Str. 124, 2.HH right side, Haus C, 10999 Berlin

PRICE: 65€ / 55€ EARLY BIRD till 01. September and for repeaters of the workshop and anyone who attended a workshop with me before

** the course is only booked via prior reservation, so that we have an intimate transformational space and you know how to prepare**


„Wow that was the strongest ting I´ve ever experienced. I can´t even put into words, what that was really. But it felt really good!“ Emmi (NOR)

“In can feel the energy so much, sometimes I feel I´m spinning in a circle even if I sit still. I hope to see you soon again!” – Olga (A)

“The space you gave lightened all. Thanks! Today was incredible, it´s the first day of the rest of my life. Much grateful for your gifts. And thankful life can be so sweet. You find the needle in the hay stack, really. My heartfelt gratitude!” – Cintia (AUS)

“The last few days were very special for me and I start seeing the connections, to every action follows a reaction. The karma principle acts strongly and all of a sudden emerges creativity and intuitively right actions. I´m having talks with people I never spoke to before. I´m also noticing that I don´t need as many words anymore to simply live my true Self as it is… a completely new feeling to live.” – Philip (SWI)

Anna Sofia is a life purpose coach, clairvoyant healer and DJ. Her work is based on embodied consciousness, connection with your Soul purpose and finding playfulness in every situation. Anna alchemizes kundalini tantra, meditation, shamanism, light frequencies and yoga lifestyle to bring more Joy and Juiciness into everybody’s life! She spent two years meditating in a cave in the Himalayas, learning from an ancient sage as his only disciple.

She is a certified Yoga and meditation teacher, Reiki Master, Massage Therapist, Kinesiologist, Tantra and Shamanic practitioner, trained in a diverse range of mind-body-soul healing modalities over the past 17 years.

Over the past 7 years she has been leading retreats into the Sahara Desert of Morocco, India, Sri Lanka and Europe and participated in international festivals such as Boom Festival Portugal, Agape Zoe in Berlin, Xperience Festival in Germany and Baltic Tantra Festival in Lithuania. I