Kundalini-Awakening: The After-Effects

Double Snake, like the double helix of the DNA, the union of Ida and Pingala and the activation of DNA.

Kundalini is traditionally depicted as a snake. The awakening simply meets a meeting with the snake. And if we fully give in to the process, it means we are becoming the snake, gradually shedding old skin, old skin, old skin. A rhythm, a transformation, a constant movement, a dance with the divine.

As the energy starts to rise the energetic vibration of our energy body is raised dramatically, as in no other occasion in energy work, which means that outside circumstances that are not in resonance with this new vibration anymore inevitably have to change, either actively or involuntarily. If this process is blocked the energy might get very ‘loud’ in us. There will be changes in the brain too, as the rational left side of the brain gets shut down for a certain period of time and the creative and intuitive right side of the brain gets highly activated. If the ego is strongly in place, this is a very uncomfortable process as control and planning is simply not possible in that period. There might be other side effects, of not being able to keep the time or perform certain tasks that were easy before (e.g. calculating). These processes don´t last forever, but take the time they need in order to shift the energy in the brain and upgrade the consciousness to a new level. Especially the activation of the right side of the brain, which we usually ignore in our Western world, takes time so that divine consciousness can flow through and guide us into becoming an truly activated being.

In that period of strong shifts there will be lots of synchronicities and things will be taken care of, if we allow to let go what needs to go and allow the energy to guide us. Whereas when we try to keep everything in place as it was before there will be struggle, stronger or painful sensations of the energy in the body and a possible ‘getting stuck’ of the energy in one of the chakras, as it´s free flow is hindered to go through all chakras up to the crown (‘a thousand petaled lotus’) for the cleansing process. The cleansing process requires us to let go of outdated mental concepts how things should be and the need to anticipate everything beforehand.

Physically it might be felt as undefined pain or illnesses and colds coming up, as the physical body goes through a purification process, so that latent negative or blocked energies are brought up and can be cured. It´s not a pleasant process, but the more we give in to the rising and falling of the energy, the more we can be guided and the easier and more fun it gets.

Hypersensitivity might be a side-effect too after the raising of vibration, also called light body activation. Through hypersensitivity we can perceive emotions and feeling states of other people that might affect us as much as them. Depending on our boundaries this can get very close to us, or we are able to stay away whenever we perceive it. Boundaries relate to the second chakra, so according to our conditioning here we might have stronger or weaker boundaries. As long as the process of light body activation takes, we might be hypersensitive to foods and places as well, as everything is perceived five times stronger than usually. We might also perceive lights or a glow over everything. When the activation and purification is complete, everything might go back to normal. Depending on our practice and mental purification (which is a whole different process) we might be able to switch the sensitivity on and off then.

How long does the Purification take?

How long the purification takes is different for every person, as it depends on each individual, but usually it takes a couple of months if not years, according to circumstance. The feeling of being off-balance can also arise.

After the process is settled and the body, energy body and mind have become cleansed and used to the new frequency, both hemispheres of the brain start to function in harmony and life can get back to ‘normal’, though the view point, from which it is perceived, will be different then.

How to support the Process

Still, this is not the end of the road. As Kundalini enables us to see through illusions, it´s a lot easier to understand life´s lessons and see through our own conditioning. However, in order to release conditioning that has been imprinted and re-enacted over 20 or 30 years, work has to be done. And this refers to the subconscious mind. Just because there has been an awakening, or even two, it doesn´t mean that conditioning all of a sudden disappeares and after a few months of confusion you are an enlightened being ready to give satsang. Long held patterns of the mind take years to unravel and it´s a constant work in progress, as the layers we go through become subtler and subtler and then extend from our own conditioning to the one from the family and also past lives.

However, once we start seeing through the illusion of drama and challenges, it becomes easier to release patterns, imprints and energies, which bring about lasting change, so that there are less and less situation that deeply bother us. Nonetheless, it´s important to find tools that support the process of personal growth and self-realization. Only practicing pranayama and visualization won´t do, playing around with Kundalini in the body is also just a spiritual bypassing process. None if this reaches the depth of the subconscious mind.

Reiki and Chakra Healing are two complementary techniques that help to balance the chakras. Shamanic practices, Family Constellation, Kinesiology, Meditation, Self-Development and Mindset techniques are tools that are highly supportive, depending on which chakra is in progress and if energy needs to be increases, released or balanced.

One of the greatest tools I´ve found over the years is writing. Automatic writing, writing about one´s challenges and what that means in regards to what is needed instead, as it also helps to release.

Yoga asanas, especially vinyasa and ashtanga, are also very helpful in terms of grounding, as they bring the energies down to the earth plane and in the body in case they have risen too high and cause too much electricity in the brain. Very good are classes where the teacher gives adjustments, as these help us to come into the body and divert energy.

Working with the chakras is a great way to prepare for the ascention of energy, and an even greater way to support the purification process that comes after an awakening. If we  keep in mind that yoga means the union of mind, body and spirit (or well, energy) in order to release, balance and restore our system, all of these three components need to work in harmony together to go through a process of purification.

– Anna SOFIA

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