Kundalini the Goddess of Love

Kundalini is a snake that sheds skin. Regularly. Which means she emerges anew again and again. If she is activated in you, she will make you shed skin again and again too. The transformations are coming faster and faster over time. At the beginning it might be slow and steady, one process going on for a couple of months or even years. But the longer you are on the path and the deeper you get to realize yourself, the faster the challenges become. Like lightning speed. Because she is a lightning bolt. An electric current cursing through your body to radically burn away what no longer serves you. That which is not aligned with your highest good and the highest good of humanity. This path is not for the faint of heart. It´s for the highest quality of light warriors on the planet. It´s for the ones that are comfortable questioning their whole existence again and again. It´s for the ones that are ready to give up everything simply to serve humanity and the planet. It´s for the ones that are not going for quick-fix solutions, spiritual trippy delusions or stories to tell their friends. It´s for the ones that are brave enough to die. And reemerge as Phoenix out of the ashes not even knowing what this new emerging will bring. A full surrender into nothingness.

This is the only way to constantly throw the ego in the pit. If you follow her lead, which requires tremendous amounts of self-knowledge, feeling in the heart and trust in the irrational, subtle, intuitive hints she is giving.You will have moments of riding a wave of extraordinary miracles. But you will also have moments of extraordinary despair and lack of faith in the path. The ego will buckle up a lot of times. If you resist and try to remain exactly the same person as you´ve miserably ever been, this illusionary construct of age-old conditioning created by the ego, she’ll beat you up like a motherfucker.

Your whole being is being thrown into the washing machine every single week. Sometimes every single day. Sometimes every single second. Laundry is a necessary part of the daily house cleaning. Nothing on the spiritual path can ever remain the same, as that would mean stagnation. As consciousness expands, so do actions change, behaviors change, habits change, challenges change and spiritual tools change to further the process. The ego is fast in learning. It learns each spiritual practice by heart so that it can trick you into escapism. Mind yourself, that the only constant thing is change. Trust the process that she is prompting in you. And find the right teacher(s) that can point you in the right direction when you loose track of the promptings.

However, what she is truly here for is to bring everything back to LOVE. She is the master key to LOVE on the planet. She is the master key to harmony in relationships. She is the master key to understanding your heart’s deepest desires. She is the master key to tiring the mind out so much, to release old emotions so much, to twist and turn your path so much, that in the end there is nothing left to do then to surrender. To Be. To give up everything. To throw your whole being in the fire of purification. So that he only thing that’s left is LOVE.


To be LOVE


Love in numerology equates to the number 18/9.

LOVE (L 3+O 6+V 4+E 5=18=9)

And 9 stands for transformation. The strongest energy of transformation on the planet is LOVE. Because in LOVE, you are not. The other is. LOVE is. In LOVE there is no rules. LOVE is. In LOVE the past and the future disappear. LOVE is. And you are not. Your personal desires are not. Your pain is not. Your body is not. Your mind is not. LOVE is.

-Anne Haack

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