Message from Goddess Isis

Dear Goddessess, you are walking on the golden path of enlightenment now. The priestess line has been established and your sensual energy is activating your inner power. Pay attention to what increases your life force, your sense of being feminine, your joy and also your cheekiness.

You are being asked to step forward and draw men more into their masculine power to be strong space holders for you. Surround yourself with strong men, who have a spiritual connection, as they are increasing your feminine power and help to receive more of the wisdom that´s to be unlocked in your body chambers.

You are on a path now, where both masculine and feminine energies are no longer to be united inside, as you have done that already, but where you are stepping in your sovereign Self, by being together with sovereign masculine beings to co-create and co-spiritualize, which you can not do on your own.

This is the way to journey deeper into your true Self and to connect more with all that you hold inside. You are both being mirrors for each other, a vital step on the path of evolution for both of you.

This is not about healing, but about unleashing energies inside of you and calling in even more, then you think possible.

At the same time, spend time with women to harness your feminine wisdom inside of the wise women motherhood circle.

And enjoy! Don´t take it too seriously, but daringly and lovingly step forward and embrace more of what´s possible for you right now!

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