The Divine Feminine: Uncovering the Myth

What is the Divine Feminine?

Most of the time people wonder: What does that exactly mean? Being as I am? Am I not doing that?

Well, most of the time not. Because being as you are is rather an un-doing than a doing. It´s a being not this not that, stopping to do this and that, to be accepted. Simply being. Accepting the moment, with its pain, its hurt, its limitation, but also its joy, exhilaration and grandeur. Accepting faults and shadows in oneself and then compassionately accepting them in others. Being in flow with everything that is without trying to control it, to change it, to fix it or to modify it. Simply being. Which does not mean, doing nothing. But rather it means being so connected to our inner world that the doing happens spontaneously, intuitively, joyfully.

What She is not

It´s a reminder of what enlightenment is: Being oneself, without judgement, without criticism, without hatred. It´s a reminder of letting go of fear, anxiety, shame, guilt, playing small, jealousy, people pleasing and not stepping into your greatness. It is also a reminder of not being pushy, manipulative through words, actions and thoughts and creating distractions for oneself and others through hyper-consumerism and the like. It´s a reminder of the magic that happens on the other side of all plans, logic and reason, and the greatness of the heart as an ocean of abundance. It´s a reminder of letting go and of simplicity. It´s a reminder of being YOU. You as in the Universe. You as the small inner child. You as the vulnerable courageous person that you are. You as the wildest dreams you have. You with all the flaws and imperfections, which make you just perfect. A perfect human BEing.

Doing the Work

The Divine Feminine, for the ones who hear the call, brings up a lot. A lot of light, a lot of ancestral remembering, a lot of shadows – individual and collectively, a lot of activations and a lot of indescribable occurrences. A lot of guidance, but for that we need to be open to hear the call.

Since the feminine has been suppressed for so many decades or even centuries, what surfaces now in a time of energetic shifts and Goddess Rising, can be tremendous. It might hit women more then men, though men are not necessarily spared from it, since we are all connected. There is tremendous amounts of anger and rage coming up, which might not only be from this lifetime. There is more and more women stepping up and stepping out of their comfort zones to say ‘enough is enough’. It is easier to be silent, but at a certain point the inner push forward becomes so strong that untrue conditions are not acceptable any longer.

Women have been hunted, burned, violated, killed and enslaved for centuries, which still sits in our DNA, in our bones and makes it hard for some to really step into their greatness because of an unconscious fear of experiencing the same if speaking our Truth. The shame and guilt goes all the way back to Mary Magdalene, as the healer on the side of Jesus, who was constantly denied her importance by the church. Or maybe even to Adam and Eve, because Eve was the one who ate the apple.

However, legends and myths aside, the Divine Feminine is at a point of cleansing right now. A cleansing of societies, women and men alike, of age-old beliefs, of ancestral wounds which don´t serve humanity, the individual in their pursuit of happiness and above all Truth. A cleansing of all chakras so to speak. It can spur Kundalini Awakenings here and there, but it can also come through shifts in consciousness, simply noticing more, speaking up more, taking care more of oneself.

The cleansing includes letting go of:

• being pushy and ignoring the others response

• being patriarchal in business: creating hierarchies, not valuing co-workers, employees and the business itself, competition

• being all about oneself, narcissism

• being hyper-active to not feel

• being a master-planner, but not a master at listening within

• lack of faith, lack of trust

• resisting Divine Guidance

• lack of Self-Love

• and all low-vibration emotions: rage, anger, hate, fear, shame, guilt, doubt, criticism, judgement, jealousy, ego-driven feelings of greatness, delusions, illusions, attachment, lies etc.

And this goes for men and women alike! As patriarchal structures are so strongly held all over the world, women have become patriarchal in their ways too. It shows in the ways we manipulate, try to show ourselves as more then another, better, competing, shutting down, not being vulnerable, always playing strong and ignoring the moment to moment flow of energy. Mind over heart. There is a lot of women out there that act like men, think like men and speak like men, despite the fact that they might still wear a dress.

However, that’s all part of the divine play. The cleansing and awakening that´s happening right now does not mean, that everything becomes instantly lighter and easier, in fact it means that some of us experience tremendous amounts of the low level vibrations arising in us, observing them more than usual in others and going through shifts, which require to nicely sit with these emotions to come to terms with them. Because the more light enters, the more shadows are revealed. There is no lightworker  that´s not also being called to be a shadow worker. In fact the one cannot exist without the other. That´s the only way to grow and transcend both states. And there is no healing without integrating that, which we usually try to avoid, push down or ignore (masculine behavior).

It´s all about Acceptance

The Divine Feminine is asking us to step up and be bold, listen to our deepest emotions, accept that which can´t be changed and let go of everything that no longer serves us. It´s a ride, not a holiday. But the rewards can be as great too. As she requires us to fine-tune, attune and get in-tune with our inner nature, to perceive the messages that are given all day long, there is whispers in the ear, words and images that appear or an inner pull towards something unfamiliar, all giving us a direction.

If we are locked into masculine behaviour, we will either ignore the messages or we will not even perceive them. If we are in the feminine flow, we´ll see guidance in every image, person, conversation and dream that comes to us. Simple, but not always easy.

How to allow the Divine Feminine to Flow in Your Life

In order to allow the Divine Feminine to flow in your life, you first want to surrender some little more. Means, letting go of the idea of having to do everything, needing to control every outcome and anticipating the future with anxiety. Just letting it all go and surrender some more. Secondly pay attention to messages that come your way. Different people that talk about the same thing again and again, your intuition guiding you to unknown places, images and numbers that re-appear. The number 22 is associated with the Divine Feminine, if she appears often have a look where you can soften. And thirdly, listen to your body. Listen to your bodies energy. Listen to what you body needs. Listen within. Surrender to the feelings. Let them flow through you, only then they will resolve and set another greater energy inside of you free.

– Anna SOFIA

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